Ryan Barnardo ‘Optimist of the Month’ – June 2017

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Ryan has been sailing Optimist from a very young age. He travelled to Kenya in 2010 to compete in his first international event, the Optimist Africans. Thereafter Ryan travelled to New Zealand in 2011 to compete in the Optimist Worlds. After sailing Optimists, Ryan had a brief stint on Dabchicks and then moved on to the more challenging 29’er.

At the same time as sailing Optimists, Dabchicks and 29’er and now more recently Sonnets, Ryan also sails on keelboats. He has competed in 3 Lipton Cups on an L26 from the age of 13. In his most recent Lipton campaign his team finished a credible 6th place.

Ryan has now been selected to sail in Europe on a Swan 50 and is currently competing there and has just won his first regatta.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Barnardo ‘Optimist of the Month’ – June 2017”

  1. I think this is a great choice!
    In a previous comment yesterday, Cal and I agreed that a good measure of the success of an Optimist programme is the ‘conversion rate’, the number of kids that stick with sailing and do well after Optimists.
    Reading Ryan’s ‘sailing CV’ indicates a real success story!

  2. Well Done Ryan.
    Not only am I proud of your sailing . You have overcome many challenges in the last few years. You are still optimistic even when things go wrong.

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