History of the class in South Africa

Spain 2000

Team RSA Spain 2000. From left to right: Jo-Anne Parris, Justin Clark, Finn Fitzsimons, Greg Thijsse, Jamie Barker. Back: David Booth (Team Manager), Alex Runciman (Coach).

Millineum Worlds was set in the beautiful city of La Coruña, northern Spain of Spanish Armada fame. The team was Greg Thijsse, Justin Clark, Jo-Anne Parris, Finn Fitzsimons, Jamie Barker and Alex Runciman as coach. The team put in good training before they left and arrived early for more training. Things looked good again going into the Championship only for a high pressure system to move in and provide light, unsteady winds that confused the sailors as much as the race committee. At the AGM, David Booth, the team manager was elected as an IODA Vice President for Asia and Africa.

Photographs by Hans Thijsse