Meet Keagan Nel

Keagan will be competing this year at the Youth World Sailing Championships in Oman.

Keagan started his competitive sailing career at the age of 9yrs. Coming from a sailing family he grabbed every opportunity that came his way. He competed in his first Continental Championships in Algeria at 11yrs in the Optimist class.

Thereafter he represented South Africa at Continental and World Championships in Angola 2017 and Cyprus 2018. Keagan moved off the Junior boat to the Laser Radial Youth Class. As well as sailing on many other types of boats whenever possible.

He had a successful campaign over the past two years, collecting podium finishes in the Dart 18 Class Single and Double Handed, the Laser Radial Class, and the Youth Nationals. Finishing off the season as the highest-ranked sailor in his division.

The combination of these achievements resulted in him being selected for the South African Team to go to the World Sailing 2021 Youth World Championship being hosted in Oman from the 11th to the 18th of December.

He will be participating in the boys’ ILCA 6 class. The Youth Worlds is the pinnacle of a Youth sailors’ career with a 60 boat fleet from all over the world and is used as a feeder event for youth going into the Olympic cycle.

Keagan is very proud to have been re-awarded his Youth Provincial Colours and received the award for the Northern Region Youth Sailor of the Year and Dinghy Discipline sailor of the Year.

International Day of the ‘Opti’ Girl!

Tina Lutz (GER) Olympic 49er Silver Medal – 11 October 2021

International Day of the Girl provides an opportunity for us to confirm that the strength, health and empowerment of girls is important in our future.  If we empower girls ….everyone benefits.

Opti girls are strong, resilient, and talented.  The results of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics illustrate that girls who participated in past IODA World and Continental Championships can become Olympic Champions.

At the Tokyo Olympics all the women boat helm medallists had earlier participated in an Optimist World or Continental Championship. Six of ten of the winners of the Girls’ gold at Optimist Worlds 1995-2007 later won Olympic medals.

Optimist Gold Medal                                Olympic Gold Medal

1995-6 Lisa Westerhof (NED)                   470 2012

1997 Siren Sundby (NOR)                         Europe 2004

2001-2 Xu Lijia (CHN)                                Radial 2012

2003 Hannah Mills (GBR)                          470 2016-20

2004-5 Tine Lutz (GER)                             49erFX 2020

2007 Alex Maloney (NZL)                          49erFX 2016

As we celebrate International Day of the Gilrl, lets all help the next generation of girls get the experience they need so that they too can go on to become Olympic Champions like the girls and women before them.  The Optimist Class prides itself that our class is gender equal but getting girls started and keeping them sailing is a challenge. We need to do more to encourage girls to stay sailing. We challenge our Members to raise the bar and bring more girls to our IODA events, so that they too can gain the Opti experience needed to inspire them to stay in the sport of sailing in the future

Remember if we empower girls ….everyone benefits!

Article first published on the IODA website

Two shining stars of youth sailing in South Africa

If sailing is to thrive amongst future generations, then it is our youth that needs to be encouraged and uplifted. Empowering our young sailors is something that we are extremely passionate about here at Ullman Sails and we always love to hear about what our youngest ambassadors are getting up to. Read more . . .

Stefan, Mark, Nicola, Elisa, Sean & Theo – Optimists of the Month July 2021

Worlds Team RSA 2021. Mark Sadler (Coach), Elisa Falcon, Sean Kavanagh, Theo Scheder-Bieschen, Nicola Sadler, Stefan Falcon (Manager).

Stefan Falcon (Team Manager)

“I stepped in this role quite late in the programme due to the fact that the previously appointed manager contracted Covid and had to step down. The Team Manager position is typically a parental role, and because my daughter was competing in the event it was decided that I should take over . . . ” Read More

Mark Sadler (Team Coach)

Nicola, Elisa, Theo, Sean & Mark.

“At the end of the day, we did a good job of representing SA Sailing and SA Optimist sailing. We got respectable results, we acted well as a team, and we all wore our SA uniform with pride throughout the regatta. It was an experience that no one will forget and will be a stepping stone in each one of these sailors sailing careers, for sure . . . “ Read More

Nicola Sadler (RSA 3207)

Elisa Falcon (RSA 1431)

“We had flown into Milano three days earlier and drove to the venue in a rental car. When we rented the car, we didn’t realise that there wasn’t enough space to fit all the sail tubes and be comfortable for the drive. So, we came up with the plan was to squash Theo in the back with all the bags. Then as soon as the coast was clear, we stopped at a petrol station, (or as the Italians call it: Autogrill) and took some pool noodles that we had and put them on the roof of the car. Let remind you, there was no roofrack. Anyways we tied the tubes to the roof and Theo and the rest of us were comfy again . . . ” Read More

Theo Scheder-Bieschen (RSA 1407)

The 2021 Optimist World Championship was an amazing experience involved, the event which was held in Riva del Garda in Italy was executed almost perfectly to accommodate the sailors and everyone involved. As soon as we arrived in Riva our team was blown away by the beauty and expansiveness of the lake itself, we were all very excited to be there. The sailing itself was a lot of fun and we even made into the team racing and managed to beat the German team which is a great accomplishment, I’m sure everyone that was there had the time of their lives and none of us will ever forget it.

Sean Kavanagh (RSA 1439)


Nicola Sadler – South African Junior Yachtsman of the Year 2021

Nicola has been awarded the South African Junior yachtsmen of the year for her performance at the Optimist Europeans last year. 24 years after Robyn was awarded the same trophy for her Performance in the laser radial at the youth worlds in Newport 1996.
Special Mother / Daughter moment!