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Matt scores a 3rd & a 4th to finish 133rd overall from a fleet of 544 Oppies at the Palamós Optimist Trophy Nations Cup in Spain.

Well Done Matt! Just imagine a fleet of 544 Oppies! 5 starts and this is only one of many Optimist regattas running concurently in Europe at the moment. The future looks optimistic for the little Optimist.

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3 thoughts on “Matt 133 Overall”

  1. It is great to see a 3rd and a 4th place in individual races.
    Now someone needs to work with Matt on his consistency!
    We must always remember that consistency wins regattas, not one or two good race results.
    From what I can see, Matt has great potential once he is coached the right way!
    Go Matt!

  2. Hi Hans it’s Matt here! Thanks for your encouraging feedback. What you mentioned above is spot on and I totally agree with you! In two of the races at the regatta in Palamos, I happened to unfortunately capsize. Those races were race 2 and race 5. At the time of capsize in both races, I was coming about 15th. I thought it would be nice to share the cause of my huge inconsistency and I hope to ‘manage my risk’ better in future regattas. Thanks for following my sailing progress!

  3. Hi Matt,

    Great to hear from you.
    When I saw not just one but two good race results my thoughts were that you must have the ability to do really well. Getting a top 10 in a big strong fleets once is very difficult to achieve through ‘luck’ and to do that twice is almost impossible without possessing a good amount of ‘skill’. So I could not put it down to luck! But then two poor results makes one wonder what is going on and two capsizes explains that. I am sure you have done the maths and worked out where you would have ended up if you had achieved those two 15th!
    The first step to improvement is recognising that there is a ‘problem’ and that you have done. Taking responsibility for the results is a major point to allow improvement in any sport and especially sailing with its many many variables!
    I have had the privilege of being Optimist coach and team leader many years ago (see ‘Past” on this website. And although I have been uninvolved for a long time now, I still follow a bit what is happening. Go well, Matt!

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