Report on Sunday’s training with Miguel

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Good Morning Everyone!

I have been trying to send all the videos and photos from the trainings but they load very very slowly with this WiFi. Today at the club I will have time to load it all with good WiFi over there.

Trainings are going well on the water, in terms of performance in the water and in all physical and theory sessions all is going well.

We had 5 training sessions of around 2h in this last 3 days, normally with winds between 15/22knots with the exception of yesterday afternoon since we stayed inside training team racing on the supposed team racing area and the wind was light 5/8knots.

The wave conditions are very demanding as we are sailing after the channel and in between islands the waves, as we get closer to the racing area after the commercial harbour, get very high and choppy making body movement and mainsheet trimming super important to keep the boat dry, flat and to go fast.

On the 5 sessions we mainly work the following concepts:


– Mainsheet work with the gusts and waves;

– Rudder work;

– Hiking position;

– Influence of apparent wind, the bow stability and the depositing of the sail by the opening of the leech;


– Transits on the waves;

– Mainsheet work and mainsheet angles;

– Boat balance;

– Distance to the mark;

– Waves apparent wind and how to react;


– Leeward/Windward situations

-Port/Starboard situations

– Covering tactics

The kids are prepared!

However I had to be a hard on all of them on their preparation before the sessions on land. They have been very unorganized in every sense, with their gear, boats, sail trimming, drinking water, putting suncream…and they are very loud on the boat park and hotel, seems like they are possessed all the time.

Hopefully will be better from tomorrow onwards.

Will keep you posted after today’s coach/team leaders meeting!

Kind Regards,

Miguel Andrade
Team RSA Coach

Hi again everyone!

So we are all tuned, I took the option of not doing the practice race for the following reasons:

– We have 3 days of sailing already and we will have another 5 potential with hiking conditions so resting is needed;

– We are the team with more time on the venue so far;

– Practice race in IODA events is a circus, people only go to the top mark, don’t respect the start time and then come back so no real feedback comes out of it;

Enjoy your day!

See you later