Project “1947 Optimist Prahm”

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The ′′ Classic!” reported in issue 4/2020 about the more than 70 years history of Optis and at the same time a new project around this boat. Earlier this month, a support association was founded, hoping to have the minimum number of 4 replicas of the Prahm from 1947 by the next season.

Mission statement: Everything originates in a history, even and even the Opti with its more than 70 years of development. The purpose of this project is to raise the interest and understanding of Opti-sailors for the interconnections between traditional and modern construction and regatta formats in Opti.

The aim of the project is to regularly conduct competitions with the Opti in its original form as ′′ 1947 Optimist Prahm “. It would be the first regattas of this kind in Europe. So the project could gain national significance. The special challenge is to arrange with the shortcomings of the original construction under competitive conditions.

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