Optimist Europeans top 10 finish for South Africa

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Nicola Sadler gets a top ten finish in the Optimist Europeans Girls fleet held in Potoroz, Slovenia.

The Optimist Europeans girl’s fleet consisting of 113 sailors sailed a qualifying series over 3 days. The qualifying series split the girls into 2 fleets. These fleets are re organized each day based on the day’s results.

After 6 races and a combined result the fleet was split into Gold and Silver groups for a 5 race final sailed over 2 days. Bringing the total duration of the regatta to 5 days.  Being late in the year the summer sea breezes were very weak and therefore all the races where in light to super light air. Ranging from 3 -8 knots.

Nicola sailed a relatively consistent event with a qualifying score line of 15, 4, 4, (33), 12, 8. As you can imagine it is easy to find yourself deep down the fleet in the shifty light air conditions.

The last two days in the finals predicated better conditions but going into the gold fleet split only 1 race was held in light air. Nicola finished 4th in this race. Closing the gap on the boats ahead on the score board.

With the second wave of Covid 19 shutting boarders the Slovenian authority’s advised that the last day of the regatta would not be allowed to be held.  Considering the situation the regatta organizers did a fantastic job of getting a great event in, which will keep momentum and enthusiasm going as we look forward to 2021.

We are very proud of Nicola’s result and her future prospects. We hope that having SA representation at this event combined with what’s looks like rejuvenated enthusiasm in the Optimist class in SA will lead to full team representation in the foreseeable future.