News from Egypt

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Salaam Aleikum

Greetings from Egypt after a relatively smooth transit from Cape Town. We collected the Wiederholdts and Bryan’s Gran in Jhb and boarded Egyptair for the onward flight to Cairo.

NO WINE onboard EgyptAir! Richard had a good laugh at me until he discovered no beer either. In fact, a few investigations reveal that there seems to be very little alcohol in Egypt altogether. Anyway, I digress. We were met by a very eficient official who helped us with immigration and baggage etc and then to the organised bus for the 3 hour journey to Alexandria. We checked into the Maritime Academy and met up with Chiara and Coach Claire (who had flown out a day ahead).

After lunch we were then bussed through the bustle of Alexandria in the midday heat to the Montazah Watersports Centre where met with the organisers and were issued with the boats. Did I mention that it’s hot? There were problems with 2 of the boats with rough bottoms, so Richard found a young chap with an even younger assistant to give the boats a rub down and polish. In the meantime the 20 odd Egyptian team were measuring their boats and Team RSA had a chance to mingle and to get to know some of the local kids.

Although Alexandria comes across as a huge delapidated seaside city, everyone here is impeccably polite and helpful, so things are tending to get done quite quickly. Our measurement (by a very dapper Irish gentleman) is scheduled for tomorrow morning and then the rest of the teams should start arriving. Hopefully we will be able to get on the water before then. We were bussed back to the Maritime Academy Accommodation with the Egyptian team and ad few friendships are already forming.

The event is on street posters all over town and to the team’s delight, they were asked to pose several times with some local tourists for some selfies. So a good first day. The food and accommodation is great, Team SA is happy and looking forward to tomorrow.

Until then,

Ma’a Salama