Day 3 – Pushing the line . . .

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Today as anticipated the fleet was split between gold and silver, both Chiara and Alex are in silver.

The condition today was light wind with little swell and some current.

The starting process proven to be very slow as the sailors were pushing the line resulting in many general recalls. It took 3 hours for the 3 fleets to start the first race.

Chiara had an excellent first race probably finishing around 10th, only to realize later she was UFD.

Second race she also got a good start coming off the line with some speed but was in the wrong place starting in the middle of the line instead of at the pin end and only manged to finish 33rd.

Third race Chiara got a BFD under the black flag but luckily for her the race was abandoned as the wind dropped completely.

Alex still struggles to get off the line with speed in light wind affecting his performance in this condition. He was in a very good position in the third race when they called it off.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing and we expect 20+ knots wind.



Results Overall – Silver Fleet (88 boats):
Alex – 11th
Chiara – 74th
All the results – Gold / Silver

Pics of Day 3 – Loris La Greca