Crotone – 4th and final day.

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Today saw Chiara missing the first race as it was the same race that was abandoned yesterday and Chiara was BFD so she couldn’t race.

The conditions today were strong with wind around 20 knots gusting 22 to 25, a bit of current and no swell.

I was on the rib with Alessio today who followed the cadets races so unfortunately I didn’t see any of our sailors in action, except for a bit of the final race when the cadets were sent back as the wind was constantly over 20 knots.

Alex took advantage of this condition that was similar to home and did a fantastic 5th, 2nd and a 1st in the final race.

In the second race someone tacked right in front of Chiara to tack back again immediately as one other boat was approaching, making Chiara loose momentum and concentration and she capsized.

In the final race, Chiara also had a good one finishing 22nd.

It was 4 amazing days of very competitive racing with different conditions every day, we got light wind with big waves and current, we got strong wind with big waves and current, we got light wind with no waves and a bit of current and finally today we got strong wind with no waves and a bit of current.

I’m sure our 2 sailors improved a lot in all of these conditions understanding the importance of the sail trimming and boat handling in the different conditions.

I also hope that they understand that the level of sailing at this kind of event is very high and that every little mistake means loosing 1, 2 and sometimes 20 positions.

Technique, tacking, gybing, boat handling can not only be good, it needs to be perfect as it is with the majority of the other sailors.

We are ready to come home to continue the training to make South Africa proud at the next International event.

Well done to both of them.



Final positions for the SA sailors:
Alex 3rd and Chiara 69th overall in the Silver Fleet

All the results:
Gold Fleet
Silver Fleet