History of the class in South Africa

Turkey 1976

Report and photographs by Garth Barrett

The 1976 Worlds were held in Yarimca, Turkey. The Turks had built an entire resort for the event with chalets and communal eating area. The fleet was 120 + boats. The team was the 3 usual suspects of Gary, Simon and Garth with Graeme Robertson and the first girl, Herda Silverman. Gary and Garth were both doing really well, both lying around 10th. A lonely Romanian sailor arrived late, rigged sailed a little then packed up and left in protest against the participation of the racist South Africans and Rhodesians. The organising committee then asked that we please leave the event. That ended what was promising to be an excellent regatta for the country.

SA 444 Garth Lynton Barrett. SA 555 Gary Holliday at Yarimca, Turkey. July/August 1976
Turkey 1974. SA Team at the Opening Ceremony. From left to right: Eric Bongers (Coach), Simon Bongers, Gary Holliday, Garth Barrett, Graeme Robertson, Herda Silverman.