News from the worst of the best all the way from Optimist Euro champs, Crotone, Italy

Day 1
Boats out at 11:10. 1st fleet started at 12noon. I was in the 5th fleet which meant I had to be in the waiting area in the bay. We started at 12:50. My first race had wind over 20 knots with current. I didn’t performed well! Second race the wind dropped a bit around 15 knots. The fleet ahead of me did 3 general recalls. One under a U flag and second under a black flag. 5/6 girls didn’t start that race! I did a bit better. Third race the wind picked up again over 15 knots waves and current was still a challenge. I also chose the wrong side of the beat! I protested a boat because we collided. I learnt never to go into a protest without a witness! As a result, I got a DSQ.

Day 2
Arrived at the club at 10:00. The conditions in the bay was wind gusting over 25 knots and waves over 2 meters. The race committee decided to wait for the conditions to improve. At 15:50 my coach (dad) ordered me to change out of my sailing gear! At 16:00 the race flag went up! Thanks coach. I was in the second fleet. Waves sometimes over 2 meters and wind gusting around 20 knots. My boat was always full of water (salty yag) and I spent most of the race bailing! It’s physically exhausting! The good thing is, I sleep like a baby & don’t hear the snoring of my coach!!


This is a fantastic experience & a great learning curve!
Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement, I really appreciate it very much⚓

Ciao Chiara Fruet – RSA 1445

Results BOYS after 4 Races
Results GIRLS after 4 Races