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Crotone – 4th and final day.

Today saw Chiara missing the first race as it was the same race that was abandoned yesterday and Chiara was BFD so she couldn’t race.

The conditions today were strong with wind around 20 knots gusting 22 to 25, a bit of current and no swell.

I was on the rib with Alessio today who followed the cadets races so unfortunately I didn’t see any of our sailors in action, except for a bit of the final race when the cadets were sent back as the wind was constantly over 20 knots.

Alex took advantage of this condition that was similar to home and did a fantastic 5th, 2nd and a 1st in the final race.

In the second race someone tacked right in front of Chiara to tack back again immediately as one other boat was approaching, making Chiara loose momentum and concentration and she capsized.

In the final race, Chiara also had a good one finishing 22nd.

It was 4 amazing days of very competitive racing with different conditions every day, we got light wind with big waves and current, we got strong wind with big waves and current, we got light wind with no waves and a bit of current and finally today we got strong wind with no waves and a bit of current.

I’m sure our 2 sailors improved a lot in all of these conditions understanding the importance of the sail trimming and boat handling in the different conditions.

I also hope that they understand that the level of sailing at this kind of event is very high and that every little mistake means loosing 1, 2 and sometimes 20 positions.

Technique, tacking, gybing, boat handling can not only be good, it needs to be perfect as it is with the majority of the other sailors.

We are ready to come home to continue the training to make South Africa proud at the next International event.

Well done to both of them.



Final positions for the SA sailors:
Alex 3rd and Chiara 69th overall in the Silver Fleet

All the results:
Gold Fleet
Silver Fleet

Day 3 – Pushing the line . . .

Today as anticipated the fleet was split between gold and silver, both Chiara and Alex are in silver.

The condition today was light wind with little swell and some current.

The starting process proven to be very slow as the sailors were pushing the line resulting in many general recalls. It took 3 hours for the 3 fleets to start the first race.

Chiara had an excellent first race probably finishing around 10th, only to realize later she was UFD.

Second race she also got a good start coming off the line with some speed but was in the wrong place starting in the middle of the line instead of at the pin end and only manged to finish 33rd.

Third race Chiara got a BFD under the black flag but luckily for her the race was abandoned as the wind dropped completely.

Alex still struggles to get off the line with speed in light wind affecting his performance in this condition. He was in a very good position in the third race when they called it off.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing and we expect 20+ knots wind.



Results Overall – Silver Fleet (88 boats):
Alex – 11th
Chiara – 74th
All the results – Gold / Silver

Pics of Day 3 – Loris La Greca

Day 2 – News from Crotone

Today saw a rush start for Chiara.

Yesterday we left the club at around 5.30 pm and we didn’t go back to check the notice board so we didn’t know that first race today was at 10 am and not at 11.

When we arrived at the club at 9.30 most of the boats were already in the water including my rib.

I run to check in which fleet Chiara was and managed to get her into the water on time and also catch my rib that was roaming around still in the harbour, luckily Chiara was already in her sailing cloths.

Only the Juniors fleets was called in the water, the Cadetti was left at shore as condition was tough.

Wind was 18 knots gusting over 20 with big waves sometimes over 3 meters. Chiara managed to capsized on a tack even before the start of the first race.

Alex had really 2 fantastic races and even if he didn’t do a good start on both races, his boat handling was so good that up the beat he gain a lot of places.

Chiara on the first race was probably still dreaming and just sailed the boat to the finish line. After a little talk with Alessio, the Crotone coach, on the second race she really come off the line with speed and in a good position and she was probably around 20 to 25 when she capsized again on a tack over a big wave. Well done to her for bailing the water out and finishing the race.

Both races saw a lot of retirement and capsizing.

After the second race the race office sent all the sailors back as some black cloud was approaching.

The rain did come and I took Chiara to the hotel to change as she was cold. After the rain the wind dropped and the race committee called in the water only the Cadetti for 2 races.

Tomorrow the fleet should be split between gold and silver but nothing official yet, I’ll go and check the notice board after dinner I promise.


PS – Sorry I don’t have any pictures my phone had no space available anymore.

Results after Day Two (179 entries):
Alex – 71, 60, 66, 22, 17 = 99th
Chiara – 80, 66, 76, 58, 64 = 153rd

All the results here:

Waiting for the Bomb Squad . . .

Latest news from Crotone. Today when we woke up and open the curtain into our balcony, we realize that it rained during the night and all of Chiara’s sailing cloths were wet! So while she went for breakfast I dried with the hairdryer what I could, not a good start for the day.

At the club the day started with the opening ceremony of the regatta and then we were send out onto the water around 11.

The wind was so light that we towed the sailors to the starting line. There we waited for over one hour for the wind to settle to around 8 to 9 knots at 180 degree.

The conditions were very difficult with high waves, strong current and very light wind.

After the first race the wind had shifted to the left by 150 degree and we had to wait for the race officer to adjust the course.

Second race again with very light wind, I sometimes literally saw some boats coming out of a tack and moving backwards pushed by the waves. Again, very difficult conditions for our 2 sailors.

Third race same conditions of the second race but during the race the wind shift even more to the left, when the sailor turned at the downwind gate, they could have gone straight to the finish! They needed to make a couple of tacks as the current was so strong that is was pushing them off.

The start was also critical for our sailors. The 181 Juniors fleet was divided into 2 fleets, so 90 boats on the starting line, very challenging for them to protect their spot.

On a note of interest after more than a week that we are here we normally parked the boat inside the club yard. Today after the race we were asked to move the boat outside together with the other guest boats. Only the Turkish and the Israeli boats are allowed inside the club and tomorrow morning nobody is allowed around this boats before the bomb squad with the dogs secure the area, crazy!!!!

Let’s hope for a better race tomorrow.

Ciao – Fabrizio

RSA results after Day One (179 boats in Juniores Fleet & 68 in Cadets Fleet):
Alex – 71, 60, 66 = 148th
Chiara – 70, 63, 77 = 158th

All the results here