Africans here we come

Western Cape members of Team RSA left for Luanda, Angola on Wednesday to compete in the Optimist African Championships.

Matt Ashwell, Tristan Tomlinson & Chiara Fruet flew with their team coach Claire Walker.

They are going to meet up with their team mates from the Nothern Region in Luanda – Keegan Nell, Duncan Hawksworth, Helen Jansen van Vuuren and Alex Wiederhold.

Good luck guys & girls!

Wishing you a wonderful regatta and safe travels!

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Look Ma, no feet!

Can’t see you growing into that in time Tristan, but nothing a pair of scissors and a needle and thread can’t sort out 🙂 Tristan Tomlinson sporting his new gear, all ready for the African Optimist Champs which kick off in just over a week from now.

We’re getting all excited . . . !



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