Angola leads after second day

After the second day of competition, the team of Angola leads the general classification of the African Championship of Sailing Optimist in Luanda, with 7 sailors in the first 10 places.

Osvaldo da Gama, Angolan athlete, won the three races of the day. Second position appears Lawrence Simon, also of the Angolan team and third, Matt Ashwell of South Africa.

Moisés Camota, coach of the Angolan team, believes in the victory: “we have worked a lot to win. If we have wind, we’re going to win the Championship”. The female competition is led by Denise Parruque Mozambican, followed by Chiara Fruet of South Africa and Algeria Rym Isra Day.

The coaches like the wind and sea conditions, at the races. Cesar Sanchez, coach of Mozambique, hopes to keep the titles achieved in previous years: “We want to lead the women’s classification. As for the racing field, is a fair field”. View shared by Claire Walker, coach of South Africa: “We’ve had strong wind and weaker, which is good for all the sailors”.

The second day of competition with less wind than the first, vary between 7 and 8 knots and with some rain, the last of three races held.

At the African Championship of Sailing Optimist are 47 participating athletes, of which 11 are female. In addition to the national team, there are Mozambique, Algeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, and Zimbabwe.

The Organization of the race is in charge of the Naval Club of Luanda and the Angolan Water Sports Federation.

Some event statistics

In numbers:
Number of volunteers: 40 (26 ashore, 14 on the water)
Average age of the volunteers: 16 years old
Number of Ambulances on site: 2
Number of police on site: 51 (traffic, safe and rescue, navy)
Number of RC boats on the water: 14
Number of Coach boats on the water: 5
Number of Police boats on the water: 2
Number of fire department boats on the water: 1
Liter of fuel used a day: 1005 liters
Number of TV channels directly covering the event: 7
Number of “Drones” shooting images of the event: 2
Number of reporters present in the venue: 6
Number of persons cooking for the event: 11
Number of sandwiches served per day: 364
Number of pieces of fruit served per day: 364
Number of COLD drinks served per day: 182 energy drinks and 549 bottles of water.

On the move:

Minutes spent from the Optimist boat park to the beach: 7
Minutes spent to launch all sailors: 11 minutes
Minutes from the beach to race course area: 6 minutes

Report by Clube Naval de Luanda